Navigating the interface of business, politics, markets, media and the community.

Newgate Australia brings together the country’s most experienced team in public affairs, corporate and financial communications, stakeholder and community engagement, and market and social research. What distinguishes Newgate is the depth of capability across our team. This means we are able to rapidly deliver the skills and capacity that are tailored to your specific challenge.

About Newgate

Our people have worked in federal and state governments, in senior corporate affairs roles across every industry sector, and on every kind of reputation management, stakeholder engagement and communication assignment.

Regardless of what kind of problem you have, what industry you are in or what you want to achieve, our people have almost certainly been there before. This means we can deliver compelling and valuable insights that have been distilled from our combined experiences of having worked on the most complex, challenging and highly scrutinised campaigns over the past two decades.

Working at the interface of business, politics, markets and media, our proven methodology is based around objective research, which guides strategy and campaign development and implementation.

Our approach is collaborative and challenging. We are not afraid to question assumptions, including our own. We will tell you what you need to know, not what you want to hear.

Our work sees us advising listed and unlisted companies, major government departments, smaller agencies, councils, industry associations, special interest coalitions, and charitable groups.

For Newgate, it is the scale of the challenge, not the size of your organization or the breadth of your objectives that matters. We navigate a path through whatever maze of stakeholder issues you are confronting, give clear and well considered advice, and deliver specialist capabilities and capacity when you need it.

Where these issues have a national or international dimension, no other firm can offer our breadth and range of support.

Newgate Australia is part of the global network of Newgate Communications with offices in Abu Dhabi, Beijing, Brisbane, Brussels, Canberra, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, Melbourne, Singapore and Sydney. Newgate Communications is a subsidiary of Porta Communications plc, the international Communications and marketing business listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Brian and his team are at all times professional, and have an enviable track record of achieving ‘win-win’ outcomes

The Hon Andrew Stoner MP, NSW Deputy Premier 2011-2014

Public Affairs

Newgate works at the intersection of politics, public policy and the media, guiding clients through the maze of interests and agendas which influence decision-making today.

Over 20 years, the core Newgate team has consistently demonstrated that effective advocacy is underpinned by an integrated strategic communications approach. Ours is unique in this market and comprises credible research, informed strategy development, and deliberate campaign execution.

We offer access to an unrivalled network of contacts across government, industry and the media and vast front-line experience working on successful campaigns, many of them in the full glare of public scrutiny and interest.

We have been trusted over many years to help manage some of Australia’s most complex government projects, working alongside central agencies and ministerial offices to craft public communication strategies that have helped contribute to substantial public policy outcomes.

Newgate is known for its multi-partisan credentials and deals pragmatically and effectively with all sides of politics, regardless of the government of the day or the balance of power in any parliament.

With the most substantial public affairs offering of its kind in Canberra and a genuine national presence through its four other offices, Newgate offers the coverage and seamless support needed to represent our clients’ interests and objectives Australia-wide.

Financial Communications

Our consultants have a wealth of experience in mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings and other capital raisings, asset sales, demutualisations, restructures and insolvencies, as well as investor relations and financial calendar reporting.

Newgate has a long track record of providing strategic advice and tactical support on capital markets transactions, and we have been trusted over many years to help deliver some of Australia’s most complex and challenging corporate and government transactions. We understand the intensity of a transaction, the importance of thinking clearly and strategically, and the vital role that effective communication plays in achieving the overall commercial objective.

We specialise in advising companies who are the subject of a campaign by shareholders or other activist organisations. In many of these projects our research business, Newgate Research, plays a fundamental role in identifying and tracking shareholder sentiment, voting intentions and, in the case of schemes of arrangement, likely turnout.

We also have a particular specialisation in privatisations, where traditional financial communication needs to be overlaid with the communications required by the process, public policy and political aspects inherent in a project where government is the vendor.

Recent projects include:

  1. Baring Private Equity’s acquisition of SAI Global ($1.1 billion)
  2. Downer EDI’s acquisition of Spotless Group ($1.3 billion)
  3. Partial lease of the NSW electricity network – Ausgrid, Transgrid, Endeavour ($34.1 billion)
  4. IPO of Viva Energy REIT ($911m)
  5. IPO of Medibank Private ($5.7 billion)

Newgate has added significant value to the projects with which I have been involved. I find they are strategic, well informed and focused on timely and effective delivery of communications messages and strategies.

Dr Kerry Schott,
Chair Moorebank Intermodal Company and Board Member,
Infrastructure Australia

Corporate Communications

Newgate’s consultants help clients to define their issues and challenges and we use our networks within government, business, the media and communities to advocate their cause.

At Newgate we recognise how important it is for companies to devise a strong narrative that appeals to a wide range of stakeholders.

Newgate’s corporate affairs offering provides clients with unique insights and expert advice, crafted using the full depth and breadth of our consultants’ experience.

We have extensive experience working with corporate Australia to help our clients understand and engage stakeholders on their issues, crafting communication approaches we know will have impact and help bring about change where that’s required.

Newgate’s issues management and crisis communication credentials enable us to understand what’s required to navigate issues in the public domain and we are specialists at executing sensitive campaigns, many under the full glare of public and media scrutiny.

Understanding and working with media is important to our clients. Our consultants include former journalists, media advisers and senior media executives. We know how the media works, we have great contacts, we like to distinguish between spin and substance. The media trusts us, and we respect them.

Thoughtful and measured public relations advice for the most trying of situations

Lindsay Partridge AM,
Managing Director,

Newgate Research

Research is at the heart of Newgate’s approach.

For complex high-risk, high-stakes projects it is critical to use research to ensure your decisions, communications strategy and messaging are based on objective fact, and to identify the most effective ways to engage and influence.

Our specialist market and social research firm, Newgate Research, is one of Australia’s most sought-after firms for government, corporate affairs, financial communications and employee research.

The research team uses a wide range of qualitative and quantitative methodologies to design targeted research approaches, from traditional to cutting-edge. The team is recognised for turning research data into insights and actionable recommendations.

Newgate Research has deep experience across industry sectors, with core areas of expertise including:

  • Reputation and stakeholder relationship research
  • Rapid Response crisis and issues research
  • Infrastructure and utility planning research
  • Attitudinal and perceptions research
  • Behavioural research and Behavioural Economics expertise
  • Communications and engagement research
  • Employee research
  • Retail shareholder research
  • Advanced data science

Our research consultants are members of the Australian Market and Social Research Society (AMSRS). Newgate Research is a member of the Association of Market and Social Research Organisations (AMSRO) and is certified to ISO 20252:2012, the international quality standard for market, opinion and social research.

Find out more About Newgate Research.

Newgate Engage

We deliver community and stakeholder engagement

Today, social licence is everything. Community and stakeholder expectations around consultation and engagement for policy and projects have never been higher. Managing the risks to project reputation and delivery demands a considered and targeted engagement.

Newgate Engage creates high quality stakeholder and community engagement. Our experienced, professional team will work with you to design and craft bespoke engagement solutions; big, small or diverse as required.

We offer an innovative blend of engagement smarts and market research

We excel at combining community and stakeholder engagement with research insights. Teaming with our colleagues at Newgate Research delivers a reliable, broader community perspective.

Combining engaged voices with the results of research with a broad cross section of the community, provides you with the full picture and importantly, the evidence you need.

As a result we deliver both informed community engagement strategies and robust engagement results.

We work across the policy, planning and delivery timeline

  • Policy and planning engagement
  • Planning and environmental approvals processes
  • Bids and tenders, including specialist PPP bids
  • Infrastructure delivery and program implementation


We start from a position of knowledge

Newgate Engage is integral to the broader Newgate team of communication specialists in public affairs and government relations, digital, media and corporate communications.

This provides unique insight and an intelligent platform from which effective community and stakeholder engagement can spring.

Newgate Digital

Newgate Digital brings together the nation’s top campaign and reputation strategists, sourced from leading digital organisations.

We support our clients to navigate complex communications challenges in the digital world.

We have extensive expertise in advocacy defence, issues and persuasion campaigning, reputation building, issues management and crisis communications, and are trusted by some of Australia’s leading companies, government departments and peak bodies.

Our strategic approach is based on research, analysis and data. We are adept at providing lean, responsive and cost-effective solutions so we can be nimble and reactive when you need to be.

Newgate Digital provides support across all aspects of a campaign, including:

  • Setting realistic digital objectives
  • Defining your audience using attitudinal and behavioural insights.
  • Identifying appropriate channels for engagement
  • Devising messages which persuade and influence
  • Compelling creative which engages audiences and drives action
  • Optimising your campaign to maximise impact

Technology has disrupted the world of public affairs communications, creating great challenges and even greater opportunities. Newgate Digital will help you overcome these challenges and seize these opportunities.

Employee Communications

Our specialist employee engagement division brings together Newgate’s market-leading integrated strategic communications, research and engagement expertise to help you better understand your employees and improve internal communications.

At Newgate we recognise that employee engagement is the single most important factor in creating and sustaining job satisfaction, productivity, employee retention and a healthy bottom line.

Newgate’s proprietary Employee Sentiment Program© offers an objective measure of employee behaviours, perceptions and satisfaction with their work, team and business environment.

In addition to our ESP we offer a full suite of internal employee communications services:

  • Designing employee engagement programs and organisational change support,
  • Leadership and board effectiveness measures,
  • Workplace and executive coaching,
  • Internal communications and channels assessment,
  • Crisis communications and staff empowerment for community outreach,
  • Strategy development,
  • Personality profiling and workshops, and
  • General facilitation and training

Our team includes accredited coaches and behavioural experts, with significant experience working to pinpoint organisational needs and to create tailored programs to resolve them, including setting new corporate strategy, engaging employees in organisational change, checking the health of organisational culture and employee sentiment, options for further developing employees and promoting effective internal communications.