Making good an election promise to shake-up the Canberra bureaucracy, the Prime Minister has created four mega mini…

Newgate Australia
6 Dec 2019

Major Federal Public Service Shake-up

The Prime Minister, the Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP, today announced a major shake-up to the Federal public service following the recent departures of the Secretary of the Department of Environment and Energy and Secretary of the Department of Health.  The reshuffle focusses on the Government’s...

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Federal Parliament resumes

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership authority has been reaffirmed tonight after Liberal MPs navigated a tricky debate over same sex marriage on the eve of the resumption of Parliament.The decision to allow proponents of marriage equality to put their case for a ‘free vote’ –...

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NSW State Budget 2017-18: “Envy of the Western World”

Treasurer Dominic Perrottet’s maiden budget, which he boasted today in Parliament is the ‘envy of the Western World’, has seen a major shift in the Government’s infrastructure narrative; from the hard economic infrastructure of “roads and rail” to the softer social infrastructure of “schools, hospitals...

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Federal Budget Note 2017-2018

COALITION UNVEILS BIG PITCH TO MIDDLE AUSTRALIATonight’s Federal Budget is a cleverly-constructed big pitch to middle Australia designed to put the Turnbull Government firmly on the path to political recovery. It should shift control of the political debate back the Government’s way, neutralising many of...

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Brexit – Implications for Australia

Being in Australia at the moment has allowed me to look at the UK and what’s going on there without being immersed in the debates and navel-gazing that is going on back home. And with that sense of perspective in mind there are a few...

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March 2017 Western Australia Election: The Home Straight

March 2017 Western Australia Election: The Home Straight  All eyes turn to Western Australia this weekend, and an election taking place against the backdrop of an increasingly fragmented, contested and unpredictable political landscape.Significantly for Western Australians, the outcome could usher in the first change of government...

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