Australians are eager to celebrate Christmas and New Year with families and friends in a COVID-safe fashion, coinci…

Newgate Australia
31 Oct 2020

Victoria 2015: State budget

As the Andrews Government delivers its first budget Victorians are beginning to get a sense of the type of leadership they can expect over the next four years. ...

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New South Wales 2015: Momentum shifting back to Baird

A week to go and the race's themes remain unchanged - Labor's attempted demonisation of the poles and wires and the Coalition's presidential focus on Baird and his infrastructure plan. The pollsters suggest Baird is on track for victory, however the Labor / Green preference...

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New South Wales 2015: Count Down to Polling Day

In November last year, six months after successfully transitioning into the role of NSW Premier, Mike Baird had every reason to feel comfortable about the upcoming election. Four months on, the political sands have shifted around him. ...

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Newgate Communications Political Update: the verdict in Victoria

Labor has recorded an historic victory, returning to power after just a single term in opposition. Labor will have a working majority in the Legislative Assembly (the Lower House), but faces a much more challenging scenario in the Legislative Council (the Upper House) where 11...

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