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Newgate Research is one of Australia’s most sought-after firms for government, corporate affairs and financial communications research.

For complex high-risk, high-stakes projects clients are increasingly using robust market and social research to assess the needs, attitudes and expectations of their stakeholders, to build an objective case for action and identify the most effective ways in which to engage and influence.

We use a wide range of qualitative and quantitative research techniques, from the traditional to the innovative, to design tailored approaches specific to each project. We are non-partisan, fast into field and turn research data into actionable recommendations.

About Newgate Research

Newgate Research is one of Australia’s most sought-after firms for government, corporate affairs and financial communications research.

Our communications heritage means we focus on delivering research that informs decision-making around strategy, communications and engagement.

The team designs research approaches specific to each project using a wide range of qualitative and quantitative methodologies, from the traditional through to the more innovative.  Our qualitative methodologies include focus groups, deliberative-style community workshops, in-depth interviews and online communities. We use a mix of online and telephone-based quantitative methodologies as well as intercept interviews and ethnographic data collection where appropriate.

Our team has deep experience across key industry sectors, with core areas of expertise including attitudinal and behavioural research, reputation and stakeholder relationship research, policy and strategy research, communications and engagement research, and retail shareholder research.

Our research consultants are members of the Australian Market and Social Research Society (AMSRS) and four of our senior researchers have Qualified Practicing Market Researcher (QPMR) status, reflecting their standing in the industry and commitment to professional development.  The firm is a member of the Association of Market and Social Research Organisations (AMSRO) and is certified to ISO 20252:2012, the international quality standard for market, opinion and social research.

Attitudinal and Behavioural Research

Much of what Newgate Research does involves exploring and measuring knowledge, attitudes and behaviours, and the most effective ways to engage and influence.

Some of our work in this area is conducted amongst the community as a whole, while other work is conducted with specific groups such as customers, employees, key stakeholders or those in a certain location.

A significant proportion of our research relates to major projects that affect specific communities, often in the transport, energy, water, waste, resources and property sectors. To help navigate the path forward we work with organisations to understand, measure and monitor community sentiment and what is driving opinions and behaviours.

Our research provides an assessment of whether any opposition is the voice of a well-organised minority or is more widely and deeply held, and the opportunities for change. Our extensive experience in this kind of work means we are able to provide invaluable context.

A few examples of our team’s work in this behavioural space include research for programs regarding water conservation, reducing carbon pollution, sustainable transport behaviours, response to emergencies, waste management, agricultural land use, animal welfare practices of food producers and investigating switching retail energy companies.

Reputation and Stakeholder Relationship Research

Our clients often want to know what they can do to improve their reputation or to build stronger relationships with key stakeholders. Some initiate this process when they are going through a period of change or recovering from a major issue, while for others it is part of their ordinary course of business.

Newgate Research conducts research to explore, measure and monitor an organisation’s reputation and its relationships with key stakeholder groups. This can include clients and customers, industry and business groups, government, peers, suppliers, media, analysts, community and interest groups, and other key opinion leaders.

We use proven qualitative and quantitative techniques within our validated framework that is built on best practice and cutting-edge academic thinking in the field. We provide benchmarking and monitoring services using a selection of robust models, with diagnostic metrics tailored to each client’s context.

We tell you what you need to know about your reputation and key relationships, not necessarily what you want to hear. Through gaining an accurate picture of the organisation’s current standing with its stakeholders, we are able to provide realistic recommendations at both strategic and tactical levels.

We have conducted perceptions research for major corporations, service and consulting firms, industry associations and project teams within government.

Policy and Strategy Research

Much of our work is designed to gain an objective evidence base to inform the design of government policy or an organisation’s strategy.

To ensure our research is representative and accurate we command methodological and sampling rigour and have hands-on senior involvement throughout projects.

We explore what really matters to various stakeholder groups, their responses to different issues, approaches or ideas, what is driving opinion and how opinion can be influenced. We create opportunities for people to step outside of their busy lives to meaningfully contribute their views.

Our dynamic and flexible methods engage stakeholders on many levels, from responding to broad conceptual visions through to very tangible and often complex changes, such as new or alternative service offerings and pricing proposals, and understanding the trade-offs involved.

Some examples of work in this area includes research to inform response to crises and the design of transport infrastructure, 50-year metropolitan water and sewerage service strategies, national and regional transport system policies and strategies, health and disability service developments, emergency response engagement strategies and utility pricing strategies to support regulatory submissions.

Communications and Engagement

Research to guide communications and engagement strategy is one of the firm’s core strengths, stemming from Newgate’s heritage in communications and using research to develop communications strategies and materials.

Our deep understanding of how individuals process information, effective ways to shift perceptions and behaviour, and the mechanics of communications and engagement mean we are able to provide realistic and specific recommendations.

Newgate conducts research to shape each stage of a communications and engagement program or campaign. Using a range of proven techniques, we test campaign concepts and materials and identify the most effective messages and delivery methods that will work with each audience.

In turn we conduct robust benchmarking and monitoring research to evaluate programs and the effectiveness of specific campaign elements and engagement initiatives.

On many projects you get just one shot at communications. We help our clients to get it right the first time, and ensure their spend is effective.

We have tested television, radio, print and outdoor advertising concepts and messages, as well as the design of direct mail, newsletters, brochures, forms, annual reviews, annual reports and explanatory memoranda.

Retail Shareholder Research

Newgate Research has a deep understanding of how retail shareholders make decisions in relation to the companies they invest in. This knowledge has been honed through our investor relations consulting and research over the last 20 years.

Some of our clients commission this work in their ordinary course of business to better understand their retail shareholders’ knowledge, perceptions, expectations and preferences. This can involve gathering feedback on industry changes, strategic direction, corporate responsibility, executive remuneration, annual general meetings and communications materials including annual reports, brochures and letters.

Often we become involved when a company is seeking to understand how its, or someone else’s, shareholder base is likely to respond to a demutualisation, merger, takeover or other proposal, or wants to understand how it can influence the result. Our team is also called upon to provide fast feedback on shareholder reactions to crises.